US “Coverage Card” Cash Benefit Passed: Americans Can Claim $2888 Annually To Cover Expenses. Claim Yours Now…

Updated April 15, 2022 – This is an important notice to all US Citizens.

The Latest Gov’t Benefit: American Citizens are able to claim a “2888 Coverage Card” with an annual limit of $2888. This card can be used to cover expenses like groceries, Medical Appointments prescriptions and more.

Answer 4 Questions To Claim Your Gov’t “Coverage Card” Immediately…

“I couldn’t believe I actually got my coverage card that lets me spend almost three thousand dollars on groceries and my prescriptions. God Bless whoever created this plan.” – Maddie, 47 Davie, Florida

How Do I Check If I Qualify?

It’s easy and completely free to check eligibility, and only takes about 60 seconds.

Step 1: Select your age group below

Step 2: Enjoy Your New $2888 “Coverage Card”

Are You A US Citizen?

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